Techniques for playing lottery  

Buy foreign lottery tickets Illegal or not

Previously , we have read the news of the last year 2018 about the Lao lottery. Which according to the news judi online terpercaya, it is illegal In which the purchase of lottery in foreign countries Was included in the matter of “gambling” under the Gambling Act, 2478, in which if there is an advertisement persuaded to play lottery or buy a lottery without the permission of the official. But however According to the law,หวย ฟุ้ น  it seems to be more focused on the organizers situs casino online. And if the authorities find that the player or buyer is guilty as well Will have to be proceeded according to the law

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Thai lottery and foreign lottery, what’s the difference?

First of all, Thai lottery is for Thai people and it is a legal thing because Thai lottery or the lottery. It is controlled by the government lottery office. While foreign lottery Is control from that country And control is one thing Which will have many more things such as prize money


Usually Thai people go to buy foreign lottery tickets. Will they win real money?

This article is not an article that tells people to buy a lot of foreign lottery tickets , but today there are certainly many Thais who seek foreign luck. Which is one of the most commonly asked questions If you win the lottery, will you get real money? The answer is “depending on the case” because if going to buy in a source of fraud Unreliable source Or sources that are not recognized Illegal abroad What I bought was just a small piece of paper that was worth nothing. And unable to raise money But there are many places that can be bought. (By cutting through credit card) that are accepted all over the world as well.


If really need to buy How should I choose to buy foreign lottery tickets?

Now we have internet There are websites that are available. Buy foreign lottery tickets Buying a foreign lottery Not only online number reservations, but the website is really correct. He will follow the following steps strictly.


  1. When lottery buyers (Assuming that it is a Thai person named Mr. A) to buy a lottery Or whatever, depending on their website By online payment
  2. Buyers choose the numbers that they want.
  3. Overseas lottery purchase service He will have a bit of work that runs to buy real lottery tickets And put it aside The name of the award recipient (Mr. A) will be specified for that particular issue.


Let’s say that it really won. How do you know?

If buying from the wrong website Had to bye from the beginning But if buying with a website that is legal in a foreign country He will send an email notification that the prize has been won or there is a call to the number that we registered when ordering and there will be a clear reward principle

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